About our training


Our courses are divided into modules that have written, photographic and video content. The content is designed to provide you with different ways of gaining the knowledge required for your completion of the course. In some sections of the course you will also be required to search external sources (reference material, industry and government websites) in order to complete the module.


The assessment for our training programs are divided into three distinct parts:

1. Module assessments

At the completion of each module is an assessment. This must be completed successfully before you progress. In all assessments a 100% correct response to all questions is required to pass a module. The assessment questions will be provided for you multiple times if success is not achieved on the first attempt.

2. Portfolio assessment

The portfolio assessment is designed to have you demonstrate how you can put the knowledge gained in the pest management course into practice. The portfolio is based around you providing photographs and the completion of standard pest industry documents. The portfolio is a significant part of your assessment requirement and will take some time to complete satisfactorily. All of the material supplied must be your own. It is recommended that you read through the portfolio requirements early in the course so that you are aware of the portfolio assessment requirements.

Note: All photographic evidence supplied for the portfolio must be your own. Photographs from the internet will not be accepted for assessment.

3. Practical assessment

The practical assessment will cover the skills you have developed during your training.

Our certificate courses consist of an online program and practical demonstrations are provided by video; no practical tuition is included in the course. It is standard practice in workplace training for the practical skills to be developed in your workplace. The experience in the use of these skills is provided by day-to-day practice with supervision and support from your employer or mentor. A Mentor Information Pack can be downloaded here. The Mentor Information Pack provides a task list you will need to cover in your practical, ‘on the job’ training.



The cost of our certificate courses are listed on this website. The only additional fee may be an extra fee charged for the practical assessment depending on your geographic zone.  Please check the map below for any extra costs you may incur for your practical assessment.
Zone Costs

A – Major eastern capital cities

Practical cost included in course fee

B – Major Cities Course cost + $500
C – Remainder of Australia or remote areas Course cost + $1000

If you live in Zone A, you will not be charged any additional costs.  If you live in Zone B you will be charged an additional Assessment fee of $500 at the time of your onsite practical assessment.  If you live in Zone C you will be charged an additional Assessment fee of $1000 at the time of your onsite practical assessment. 

If you live in Zone B or C and get yourself to a Zone A location for your practical assessment there will be no extra charge incurred.