Student Information (FAQs)

Studying with Rapid Solutions provides you with opportunities to gain recognised qualifications to support your career in Pest Management. Rapid Solution's trainers and assessors are all fully qualified with significant experience in pest control, business management and training. Our staff aim to assist you in achieving further qualifications or gaining formal recognition of your practical experience.

Rapid Solutions (Rapid Training Pty Ltd) is a Registered Training Organisation offering competency based training and nationally recognised qualifications in most of the units of competency in the National Pest Management Industry Competency Standards.

Q. How long does it take to complete the e-learning course?


All students have differing commitment levels and also learn at different rates, therefore some will take longer than others. However, as a guide, our e-learning training can be completed in as little as eight (8) weeks with a reasonably consistent amount of effort. This time frame will vary based upon the 'Portfolio Assessment' and the location of the student where the Practical Assessment is to be conducted.

Rapid Solutions is aware that people can have busy lives and that sometimes 'unexpected things happen'; as such we provide all of our students twelve (12) months to complete their training. This is more than ample time to complete the

Q. Can I get some practical experience?


Many of our students already work within the pest industry and are therefore able to get some practical 'hands on' experience. For those who do not work within the pest industry, Rapid Solutions has designed practical based tutorials. These Tutorials are conducted for both Basic Pest (Units 5, 6 & 18) and Timber Pest (Units 8 & 10) training.

While these tutorials come at an additional cost, they are highly recommended for those who are not working within the pest industry, as well as those who may be working in the pest industry but would like to hone their skills.

Q. Where does the onsite (practical) assessment take place?


On site assessments are arranged at a time and location suitable to both the candidate and Rapid Solutions. This can only be carried out once all online modules have been completed. One ‘on site assessment’ is included in the training fee. Second and subsequent ‘on site assessments’ may incur an additional cost of $500 for each assessment.

Q. What is 'Competency'?


Qualifications are gained by achieving competency in the units that make up the qualification. Each unit of competency has a range of tasks and skills that need to be mastered before a person can be deemed competent in that particular unit. You can demonstrate skills to an assessor by performing a job under observation, providing documentary evidence such as samples of paperwork, or by oral questioning. 

Competency based assessment looks at your ability to carry out a specific task safely, effectively and demonstrating sound background knowledge of the task. At the assessment you will be deemed as competent in a specific unit, or not yet competent. There is no such thing as a fail. If you are deemed not yet competent you should do further practice, you will then be reassessed in the areas you were not yet competent in. You do not need to be completely reassessed. Competencies can be assessed after training or experienced people may gain formal qualifications based on assessment of their current knowledge and skills.

Q. Can the enrolment be transferred to another student?


You are able to transfer an enrolment to another student provided you have NOT accessed ANY of the online modules. However, all transfers are at the discretion of Rapid Solutions and will incur and administration fee which is a minimum of 25% of the course enrolment. This fee may increase depending on services already provided to the student.

Q. If I cancel my enrolment do I get a refund?


You may cancel your participation in an online training course by providing Rapid written notification of that cancellation within 30 days of the enrollment date.

Should you cancel your within 30 days you will be entitled to a refund less a $200.00 administration fee and any expenses incurred.

There is NO refund provided once the Course has been commenced.