Need practical on-the-job experience?

Monday, April 10, 2017

1 day session - 6 parts

1. Identify

You will identify pest activity from samples provided.
2. Inspect

Learn how to inspect a site based on a work order and identified pests.
3. Select

Learn about the types of pesticide formulations and equipment to be used for products selected.
4. Assess

You will be guided in conducting a site risk assessment and record outcomes.
5. Calculate

You will be guided in calculating the volumes of the individual products required for treatment.
6. Treat

Get hands-on with equipment to apply the individual products selected for treatment.

Four key pests

1. Cockroaches

Learn to identify cockroaches from – droppings, specimens, evidence and develop treatment options.
2. Spiders

Learn to identify the important difference between spider species and best treatment options.
3. Ants

Learn about different treatment options and how to employ them according to different ant species.
4. Mice & Rats

Learn about rat species their habits and how to match treatment options.

Does this suit you?

  • You may not be working in the pest control industry at the moment
  • You want on-the-job practical experience to pass your Basic Pest Licence
  • You want to know the latest techniques for applying pesticides
  • You want to know the best way to use baits, spray and dust with chemicals

Session time table:

09.00 – 10.00am Pest identification.
10.00 – 11.00am Site inspection and assessment.
11.00 – 12.00pm Pesticide and equipment selection.
01.00 – 01.30pm Site risk assessment.
01.30 – 02.00pm Pesticide preparation.
02.30 – 03.00pm Pesticide application.
03.30 – 04.00pm Documentation.

What to bring

  • Preferably you will have completed the modules covering pest identification, pesticides, safety first and pesticide application.
  • PPE – a full set of PPE is required (boots, hat, googles or face shield, overalls, respirator).
  • Application equipment – if you have any application equipment you are encouraged to bring this to the practical day (cleaned out if previously used with a pesticide).
  • Labels of pesticides you are using currently.

What you will know at the end

  • Identify a range of specific pests.
  • Inspect appropriate areas for the identified pests.
  • Develop a treatment program that covers the identified pests.
  • Select appropriate management products to meet your treatment plan.
  • Complete all necessary documentation.

Book to reserve your place.

$350 (Limited to 10 students)

Wednesday April 26

9am to 4pm

8 Hexham Place Wetherill Park NSW 2164